Complete photogallery from Plastic Winter 2008

Photoreport from KIT SALOON 2008

Photoreport from contest in Nitra

Photoreport from contest in Nové Zámky

E-Day 2008 photoreport added

Aircraft models pictures from recent PilsenKIT 2008 show

Photoreport from Modellbrno 2008 model contest added

Photoreport from Mosonmagyarovar model contest

Photoreports from MODELMANIA and Presov Model Show


Photoreport from PLASTIC SHOCK 08

Photoreport from Go Modelling 08


Plastic Winter 2007 results and photos - HERE


Plastic Winter 2007 is history. We are looking forward to see you again next year.

Photoreports from modelcontest in Nitra

Photoreports from E-day 2007 and GP Castrum Novum 2007 added

Photoreport from All kits show 2007 added

Photoreport from Vyškov 2007 added

XF-108 Rapier 1/72 added to Gallery

Photoreport from MODELLBRNO 2007 added

1.6.2007RF-4E and EC145 added to Gallery

Photoreport from TéTé model 2007 added

Photoreport from model weekend at Mosonmagyarovar added

Photoreport from Prešov Model Show with third part of photos from Modelmania added.

Photoreport from Modelmania 2007 added

Photoreport from Plastic Shock 07 added

Photoreport from Pardubicky Kit Salon 2007 added

Bf-109G-6 1/48
added to Gallery

6 models added to Gallery:
Xanavi Nismo, Thunderbat 1/24
TAB-71, KV-1 1/72
Skymaster 1/72, Monte Carlo 1/24

3 models added to Gallery (B.Lukacovic)

Added Gallery of another new club member - Martin Jursa

Added Gallery of new club member - Peter Straka

30.12.2006 Ducati Team Pramac - Tamiya 1/12 added to Gallery

04.12.2006 Full PHOTOGALLERY from Plastic winter added.

01.12.2006 F-16C 1/32 added to Gallery

27.11.2006 Plastic winter 2006 - Results

08.11.2006 Photoreport from Hrozen 2006 model contest added

05.11.2006 Photoreport from Kit Saloon 2006 model contest added

21.10.2006 Photoreport from Nitra model contest added

11.10.2006 Plastic winter 2006 info added

02.10.2006 Photoreport from GP Castrum Novum model contest added

30.09.2006 E-Day and Go Modelling 2006 photoreports added

07.09.2006 Photoreport from All kits show 2006 model contest added and some interesting photos from Araxos airport

30.08.2006 Three V-2 rockets added to Gallery

16.08.2006 Plastic winter 2006 info added

27.07.2006 SR-71 1/48 added to Gallery

18.06.2006 First part of photoreport from Modellbrno 2006 model contest added

24.04.2006 Photoreport from Beskyd model Kitshow 2006 added

04.05.2006 An-124 Ruslan added to Gallery

24.04.2006 Photoreport from Mosonmagyarovar 2006 added

31.03.2006 Three AFV models added to Gallery

27.03.2006 Photoreport from Plastic Session 2006 held at Poprad added

17.03.2006 New models in the Gallery: Renault ue and Field kitchen 1/35 and F-8II and Dominie T.1

06.03.2006 Photoreport from model contest at Prague: Modelmania 2006 added

25.02.2006 Photoreport from model contest at Malacky: Plastic Shock 06 added

19.02.2006 Photoreport from nice event at Pardubice: Kit Salon 2006 added

08.02.2006 Three finished models added to Gallery: OV-1 Mohawk and UH-19A, A-90

26.01.2006 Fokker 100 added to Gallery

19.01.2006 Photoreport from recent IPMS Scale Modelworld at Telford (UK) added

17.01.2006 CC-144 Challenger added to Gallery

15.01.2006 GMC 1/72 with horses on board added to Gallery

20.12.2005 New models added into Gallery:H-21C, T-34, Me-109 a Merkava

04.12.2005 Plastic winter 2005 results and winners

06.11.2005 Photoreport from IPMS Nymburk model contest Kit Saloon 2005 added

27.10.2005 Photoreports from Nitra and Trencin model contests added

23.10.2005 F-16CJ 1/48 and F-15C 1/72 added to models Gallery

03.10.2005 Report from Grand Prix Castrum Novum 2005 model contest added

04.09.2005 Report from ALL KITS SHOW 2005 model contest added

26.08.2005 Three models added to "Doktor" Mizera Gallery (M48, Hummer, dioráma)

16.08.2005 Three great figures built by Brano Lukacovic added to Gallery

28.07.2005 F-101B Voodoo and RA-5C Vigilante, 1/72 (V.Begera) added to Gallery

19.06.2005 Macchi Mc.205V added to M.Marias gallery

05.06.2005 Report from Modellbrno 2005 exhibition added to Contest section

23.05.2005 A.Mizera GALLERY extended with two "Horse Power" dioramas

15.05.2005 Ki-49 and F-86 models added to T.Juriga GALLERY

23.03.2005 Report from Mosonmagyaróvár 2005 exhibition added to Contest section

27.03.2005 Gallery of V.Adame added, including U-2B and U-2C models.

23.03.2005 Report from Plasic Session 2005 exhibition added to Contest section

08.03.2005 Report from Modelmania 2005 plastic models exhibition added to Contest section.

28.2.2005 KPM Bratislava web pages moved to its new location - www.kpmbratislava.sk - presenting also its new design.
Report from Plastic Shock 05 added to Contest section.
Into GALLERY model kit of TR-1 1/72 added

25.01.2005 JAS-39A and F-16CG in 1/72 scale added to GALLERY

22.01.2005 1/72 AFVs - Flakpanzer Coelian and Maus and A/Cs X-15 and Zucenko added to GALLERY

20.01.2005 VW87 and Berlin wall diorama along with M-35A2 added to GALLERY

2.01.2005 Kits of P-26, P-35, P-51, F-106, F-5 a S-3 added to GALLERY

31.12.2004 Models of F-8E Crusader in 1/72 and 1/48 scale added to GALLERY

29.12.2004 Model kits Ki-44 and F4U1 added to GALLERY

06.12.2004 To model GALLERY 1/72 armour kits KV-1, T-34/85, Bren carrier added

04.12.2004 Model kit of P-40N added to GALLERY

25.11.2004 To GALLERY model kit of Hayabusa motorbike added

19.11.2004 To RESOURCES section walkarounds MiG-23BN and A-26, Fi-156 added

9.11.2004 To GALLERY V-100 and Space Shuttle added and more pics from Cena primátora mesta Nitry 2004 available now.

2.11.2004 To CONTESTS section second part of report from E-Day added

31.10.2004 To RESOURCES section (Other) picture report from Udvar-Hazy museum added along with pics from USS Kearsarge.

25.10.2004 To CONTESTS section report from Cena primátora mesta Nitry 2004 added

19.10.2004 To CONTESTS section report from BA MODEL added

1.10.2004 To models GALLERY ME-410 and F/A-18E added and into RESOURCES section (Other) picture report from Le Bourget museum inserted.

21.9.2004 To CONTESTS section first part of report from E-Day added

14.9.2004 To RESOURCES section added photos of vehicles (BTR-60, OT-62, T-54, T-72)

13.9.2004 - To RESOURCES section added photos of vehicles (Dodge Ambulance, T-55M2, VT-55 recovery, OT-810).

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